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Adult Care Board                       


8th December 2015

Attended by

Jacqui Willis / Stella Scott


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Citizens Panel Feedback - Liam Flynn



Main points highlighted - the GP practice is still the main point of contact and main source of health and care information for the public of Derbyshire.

Promoted vSPAs as an effective referral route to voluntary sector services for GPs and frontline health and care staff.

Learning Disability/Autism Assessment Framework - Deborah Jenkinson


LD Assessment Framework used data from 2015 and a rag rating, validated by Learning Disability County Partnership Board. A green rating was achieved overall, but amber on Annual Health Checks. Work to improve dental checks is also required.

Next LD report will need to drill down to GP practices – the audit will aim to use a name and shame approach.  Health colleagues will be expected to support this.

LD prison residents – right to access adult care services work started on 01 April 2015.  There is potential of 30% of residents that will be identified with need. 

DCC Lead Worker won the national Silver Award for Social Worker of the Year.

Data and action plan will be distributed as soon as available.

Autism Assessment Framework- used data from 2013 and rag rating.  It was recognised there needs to be a refresh of the of autism pathway.

Assessment times were amber overall.  GP assessments were static. 

Overall it was recognised the questions should be more relevant, specifically in connection to housing.

Green on employment – it was noted that this was due in part to work done by Derbyshire Autism Services Group (now Derbyshire Autism Services)


Prevention Fire and Rescue - Mat Lee


Aim to provide additional local services i.e. chair based exercises and falls work already happening in Bolsover, outside of their statutory obligation to provide education and home safety checks. 

The Fire Service’s ability to ‘knock on doors’ supports the identification of the lonely and vulnerable.  Previously targeting specific group of people over 65 at risk of fire via data is out of date; people have often moved or not the people need to get to. However, they now have access to assisted bin collection data in the High peak and, most recently, GP data – from which they can extrapolate ages, sex etc.    

Fire Officers (crews) will be trained to the same levels as Community Safety Officers i.e. in social skills, First Contact and making safeguarding personal.

National policy is to call it a safe and well check

COMMENT – welcome the long term prevention aspects. Need to link to the Voluntary Sector and the vSPA referral services, to expand on the referrals we receive from First Contact and Community Safety Officers.


Carers Direction of Travel -Tony Ellingham


The Care Act 2014 gives the right to an assessments; which should be proportionate and can include early assessment and signposting to services.

The Adult Care Board discussed the need for more effective planning for transitional groups, organisations providing carers support, including: assessments, emergency card, sitting services and breaks. The process to review grant funding has started alongside staff training, guidance for schools and the measures to improve the way we engage with carers’.  

Objectives are that:

Membership of the Carers Commissioning Board is to be reviewed. The intention is for it to be more focused on commissioning, with links to VCS, providers and Healthwatch - although there didn’t seem to be a clear idea of how this would happen.  

Carers’ assessments need to be clearer, including the process of how to get/complete an assessment. 

Carers’ breaks need to be more tailored to the needs of the carer, with a conversation about what is needed.

To move away from a large funded service for information and advice towards a framework of providers under Better Care Fund (BCF).

Outcomes focused commissioning

Next steps:

to work up proposals on personal budgets

to understand the differences between adult and young carers

a joined up approach

to look at commissioning approach to young carers - some funding available in BCF and some in children's services. 



Learning Disability Update and Way Forward on the National Plan - Andrew Milroy/Joy Hollister


The National Implementation Plan Building the Right Support – transforming care post Winterbourne.

There has been good progress on 21c JoinedUpCare Learning Disability work stream, but It is anticipated much of what will need to be done going forward will now have to be implicated as part of the National Plan.

A Transformation Group has been established with Derby City to develop Derbyshire’s offer, which will be submitted to Government in February and, if successful, will need to be implemented in April 2016. The funding will be a share of 30m allocated across UK and is likely to be a bidding process with match funding. 

Although, Derbyshire is ahead of other areas because of our 21c JoinedUpCare Learning Disability work stream it is still a very challenging timeline.  The National Plan means; locally we proceed with the work of 21c but at an accelerated speed and without it there would have been more flexibility.

It is expected this work will result in a consultation in the spring, alongside the 21c JoinedUpCare Consultation which will need to look at the whole perspective of people with learning disability.   Andy Gregory and Jo Hollister are working on a report to go to governing bodies with broad headings and a direction of travel. 

The need for more peer advocacy/support was stressed. Will also need to go to the local LD Partnerships and the County LD Partnership Board.


Reminded the ACB not to forget the LD self-advocacy support groups working in the VCS.

Healthwatch Derbyshire Update – Tanya Nolan


The Good Health Group (part of the Derbyshire Learning Disability Partnership) are working with people with Learning Disabilities on a top tips paper.

Healthwatch now have Learning Disability Enter and View reps.

The Ashcroft and Ash Lea Enter and View reports will be published soon.

Healthwatch to plan a young carers’ event next year.

The Autism Pathway Report, based on snapshot of 26 people, was well received with the main theme coming from the report being the need for parental support.   Healthwatch Derbyshire were asked to repeat the exercise in 18 months.

Also published is the Cancer Services Report; intended to provide service providers and commissioners with some useful insight into experiences of cancer services in Derbyshire


Useful contacts, info, websites, resources etc.

Building the Right Support - report published Oct 2015

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Thursday 3rd March



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