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The Health & Social Care Forum                                                                    

The Forum is a friendly and informal meeting and always welcomes new members. It is always very well attended and provides a relaxing atmosphere where groups are able to 'network' and share information.

The Forum is frequently used as a consultation mechanism by statutory bodies, giving organisations the opportunity to influence decisions at the highest level.

Forum members are invited to set the agenda and fully participate in lively discussions which always ensue. At each Forum there is an opportunity for any member to book a “10 minute slot” to talk about their organisations.

Attendance at the Forum is not restricted to members of Derbyshire Voluntary Action, it is open to any health related or social care voluntary group in Derbyshire, however, voting on any issues or elections is restricted to members.

Meetings are held quarterly.

The Forum has funds to pay travel expenses incurred by members and refreshments are available.

Schedule for the forthcoming Forum events

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Currently no events are available

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Offices 2a-2c (2nd Floor)
The Market Hall
S40 1AR
Tel: 01246 555908
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Your privacy is important to Derbyshire Voluntary Action.  In our role as a liaison and linking service between the voluntary sector and the wider health and social care sector in Derbyshire, information is a vital part of our day-to- day operations.  We are committed to performing our role responsibly, in the best interests of our members and stakeholders - whilst protecting the rights of our data subjects. Our privacy policy provides information about the different types of personal data we collect and the ways in which we use it.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you any questions about your personal data.